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Luke Smith

I’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies for over 20 years, my main focus now being Microsoft Online Services. I manage the Cloud Services at ElysianIT Limited and as a P-SELLER at Microsoft. I have worked with many organisations from SMC to Enterprise. I’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies since DOS 5.0, to date I have been working on Microsoft’s latest cloud technology Windows Azure, Windows 10 Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint

Enterprise Search Online Training

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

Sharepoint Enterprise Search, more details at 

Full three-day training class!

Module 1 – Introduction

This module introduces the full three-day class.

Module 2 – Enterprise Search Overview

This module provides some astounding figures as to why organizations require Enterprise Search Solutions! We recommend that you do not skip this module.

Module 3 – SharePoint Search Walkthrough

This module is more than an overview. It cuts through the marketing hype in an informed, intelligent manner! We recommend that you do not skip this module.

Module 4 – Search Architecture and Deployment

This module provides essential insights, discussions, and very deep technical information on architecture and server layouts.

Module 5 – Crawl and Query Processes

This module provides the ‘under-the-hood’ story about what happens at crawl and indexing time, and follows up with essential information about the query-time processes. This is how Search in SharePoint actually works, regardless of what you see in the user interfaces.

Module 6 – Relevance Ranking

If relevance ranking is perceived to be inaccurate by your users, they will simply stop using your solutions. This module explains in detail how you can tune the relevance ranking subsystem.

Module 7 – Customizing the End-User Experience

This module shows you ALL that can be achieved by customizing Search Center in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, without requiring additional development effort. It is the definitive guide to customizing Search Center.

Module 8 – Developing Search Solutions

Where Search Center cannot be customized sufficiently to suit your needs, you might need to develop your own solutions. This module shows you how! Developer topics include the KeywordQuery syntax, the FullTextSQLQuery syntax, the Search object model, the Search Web service, and the Search Administration object module.

Module 9 – Business Data Catalog Search

This module shows you how to set up BDC search from scratch. It also highlights some common pitfalls.

Module 10 – Extensibility and Integration for Search

This module provides more information about the crawl and indexing process by focusing on iFilters and Protocol Handlers. It also discusses full and incremental crawls, as well as providing guidance around 32-bit/64-bit architecture.

Module 11 – Search Administration

This module provides a comprehensive discussion of search administration.

Module 12 – Security for Search

This module covers a variety of topics from search accounts, through Information Rights Management, to crawling Forms-based authenticated sites.

Module 13 – Performance, Scalability, and Capacity Planning

This module provides invaluable discussions of indexer requirements, query server requirements, and other scalability approaches. Most importantly, it discusses how you can plan disk space requirements for indexing large corpuses.

Module 14 – Search Operations

This module concludes the class by discussing operations and management tasks for enterprise search solutions.

Sharepoint Out of memory OOM exception

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

You may receive but no all of the following:

following errors are displayed on a sharepoint page

Failed to render “Title” column because of an error in the “Single line of text” field type control. See details in log. Exception message: Server out of memory there is no memory on the server to run your program. please contact your administrator with this problem ..

Failed to render “Page Content” column because of an error in the “Publishing HTML” field type control. See details in log. Execption message: Server out of memory on the server to run your program. Please contact your administrator with this problem

The event Logs show:

Out of memory (OOM) Exception

The following is always logged in the SPS Logs

While initializing navigation, found Page placeholder but object was not found at: /<SITE>/<PAGE>/<PAGE>.ASPX.


W3WP.exe worker process used by your Sharepoint site increases to 1.2GB of memory rapidy and then errors. Once the process memory has been consumed, the memory is clearned and decreases back to normal utilisation (200 -650Mb)

The site which is trying to load, utilises a Site Navigation bar and contains over 50 pages

The site navigation bar is utilising the SiteMapProvider “SPNavSiteMapProvider”


Edit your sites using sharepoint designer 2007

Find the following


Change the SiteMapProvider


I would also recommend reducing the amount of pages contained in the site (try to keep this as small as possible.

Also consider moving to a 64bit platform and increase the amount of memory on the server (over 4GB recommeneded)

If you are receiving OOM exeption within custom code please see

This applies to MOSS 2007 (RTM and all updates) running on a 32bit windows 2003 environment

Thanks to Nick Lloyd-Jenkins for identifying this one