Azure MySQL In App Manager – Increase Import Size

When importing a database using phpmyadmin via the Azure App Service MySQL In App Manage you find the Import Maximum size is set to 8,192KiB (Max:8,192KiB).

To increase the php upload size please run through the following steps:

In the Azure Portal, select your App Service
Navigate to Configuration
Select Application Settings
Click New Application settings

Value = D:\home\site\ini

Click Save

Then Under Development Tools select Advanced Toolees (KUDU) or navigate to https://.scm.azurewebsites.net

From the menu select Debug Console\CMD

Go to site directory and press the “+” button and create an “ini” directory.
In the ini directory, create an “extensions.ini” file.
Press the edit button next to the file.
Add the following to the file and save. This will modify the Master values.
Go to the wwwroot directory and create a “.user.ini” file.
Edit the file and add the same values as mentioned in step 7 above. This will modify the Local values.
Restart the site using the Azure Portal.
PHPMyAdmin Import page will also reflect the changes.