Clusting, Stretch, Networking, Subnets, VLAN’s and all that stuff! for Windows, SQL Server and SharePoint

Firstly it’s worth noting that from Windows 2008  clustering is supported using separate subnets and VLAN’s although separate subnets has considerations regarding DNS and recovery speeds.

SQL Server 2008 and below does NOT support subnets and MUST be configured with a VLAN.

In SQL Server 2012 you can now configure SQL Server failover clusters across multiple sites without implementing the stretch V-LAN technology.

Exchange 2007 and above does support subnets using CCR andor DAGs.

If mirroring SQL Server over <1ms I would recommend asynchronies Mirroring (this requires Enterprise edition).

SQL and Windows Information

Requirements and Recommendations for a Multi-Site Failover Cluster

SQL 2012 subnets:

SQL 2012 Features:

MultiSubnetSupport: .Net 4.5

Windows 2008 cluster Fix:

Mirroring Impact:

SharePoint Information

SharePoint DR types:

SharePoint Availability:

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