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LiteSpeed – for SQL Server

In summary LiteSpeed is a backup utility. This backup tool is being used by Microsoft and some of the leading banks to backup there SQL Server. This backup utility has the ability to improve backup and restore times by up to 70% faster and will compress the data up to 90% smaller. Light speed will also encrypt (256bit) the backups, allow for Row level restore and transaction log rollback.

In the next version of LiteSpeed version 5, the tool will contain a policy base system this will allow you to tweak your backup schedules, from one location to multiple SQL Servers and SQL instances.

SQL Data Size Backup size and time
1.1TB of SQL Data SQL Server backup 850GB completes in about 10hrs
LiteSpeed SQL Server backup 124GB completes in 2hrs


More information can be here:

Spotlight – for SQL Server

In summary Spotlight allows DBA’s to view at a quick glance the performance and health of a SQL Server. It has the ability to alert DBAs of a problem, and then though the tool allows the DBA to resolve the issue without having the need to open SQL Manager.

Spotlight has been configured to the Microsoft Best practices (these can be tweaked) and comes with a usable Knowledge Base.

This tool will only add an additional 1% CPU over head to the SQL Server and can monitor up to 50 SQL Instance on one server.

Spotlight can also integrate with Tivoli, MOM and SCOM. This tool will help greatly in areas such as governance and supportability.

Not only that but it has a cool star trek interface (which any geek would like)


More information can be here:

Performance Manager – for SQL Server

Performance Manager is a real-time in-depth workload analysis tool for SQL Server. The tool can work out over a period time the base line of SQL Server and when unusual workload spikes occur. This tool has the ability to drill down to the specific SQL statement that caused the problem and will then provide recommendations on how to resolve the problem.

This tool will only add an additional 3% CPU over head to the SQL Server

For me this was the most powerful business tool that I have seen

More information can be here:

Recovery Manager for SharePoint

Recovery manager for SharePoint has the ability to granularly restore documents into SharePoint sites without having to restore a complete content database.

It should be noted that Recovery Manager does not backup SharePoint instead it consumes backups from SharePoint backups, Windows Backups, SQL Backups, Tivoli, Backup exec and LiteSpeed Backups. However we only saw it working with LiteSpeed

Other tools in this area is BackupExec, Microsoft DPM and AvePoint

More information can be here:
More Information.

Spotlight also comes in the following MS flavours:
Active Directory

Recovery Manager Comes in the following MS flavours:
Active Directory

Quest has many more products which can be found here:

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