Linux useful tools

Process management

ps -A = running processes
ps -aux = further running processes
kill = kill a process

Find File Commands

Find a file in all folders with it’s exact name
find . -name “exactname.ini” -print

Find a file in all folders but onlyh know part of the name
find . -name “*partofname*” -print

Find a file but can’t remember the name but know you used it in x about of days -1 (1day) -2 (2days) and so on
find . -mtime -1 -print

CPU Utilisation
top = cpu and memory stats

Hard disk information
Get Storage Configuration – also gets HD path
mdadm –detail /dev/md0

disk smart information
smartctl -i /dev/sdb3

Start/Stoping Services
initctl stop xbmc
initctl start vnc
initctl start xbmc

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