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User Profile not importing AD objects from a child domain.

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft


User Profile Import does not import any users and you receive the following errors, even though you have configured the user profile account replication directory changes.
Source MsiInstaller
Event ID: 1015
Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x80070005
The management agent “MOSSAD-AD Farm Users Connection domain.local” failed on run profile “DS_FULLIMPORT” because of connectivity issues.

Level: ERROR
Source: FIMSynchronizationService
Event Id: 6050

Additional Information
Discovery Errors : “0”
Synchronization Errors : “0”
Metaverse Retry Errors : “0”
Export Errors : “0”
Warnings : “0”

User Action
View the management agent run history for details.
You review the permissions for the domain you are syncing user profiles from, and the user profile service has replicate directory changes defined.
Details below
1. Open ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers)
2. Right Click the Domain DOMAIN.LOCAL, choose Delegate Control… click Next
4. Select Create a Custom Task to Delegate, click Next
5. Select ‘This folder, existing objects in this folder….’ Click Next
6. Select the ‘Replicate Directory Changes’ permission and click Next
7. Click Finish

Further Information

To view the error in more depth open MIISClient.exe on the server running the User Profile Sync. The application normally exists in the following path:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers14.0Synchronization ServiceUIShellmiisclient.exe
Select the Operations Tab
Find the profile name DS_FULLIMPORT
If you look at the Status you will normal see the status of ‘stopped-connectivity, Double click this operation to view the Connection Log.
In the connection Log review the error.

In this example the error is Replication access was denied with Error Code 8453

The important column to note here is the Server and more specifically the domain.
In this example the Domain is different to the Domain you are syncing user profiles from; this is because the Domain you are queuing for User Profiles is a child domain which is part of a larger forest FOREST.LOCAL.

You will need to add Replicate Directory Changes to DOMAINUSERPOFILE for the FOREST.LOCAL Configuration Container in order to import profiles. Please run though the following
1. Open ADSIEdit
2. Expand Configuration for abf.local
3. Right-Click CN=Configuration,DC=FOREST,DC=LOCAL
4. Select Permissions Tab, Click Advanced
6. Select the ‘Replicate Directory Changes’ permission
7. Click OK

SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 Now Available

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 was made available for download today (28 June 2011):

Specifically, these are the key areas of improvement in SP1:

  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 9.
  • Recycle bin: Lets you restore a site collection or a web that was deleted.
  • Remote Backup Systems (RBS) and shallow copy can decrease downtime and increase efficiency by moving pointers to databases instead of moving databases.
  • You can see which folders are taking up valuable space with the improved Storage Management feature in site settings.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2011.
  • A more robust Search Host Distribution service that improves error recovery and performance during the search crawl.
  • Adds backup and restore functionality to recover deleted site collections and webs.

Search Server Express – Search Service Application Access Denied

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

In Search Server Express 2010 you recieve the following error when trying to manage the Search Service Application:

Error: Access Denied Current User You are currently signed in as: DOMAINUSER Sign in as a different user

The Account you are logged in with is a farm admin or setup account

Issue would appear to be due to a bug in Search Server

Logging in as the DB account will allow you access to manage the Search Service Applicatoin