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Microsoft BPOS Pricing

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

Below is the current price list for the BPOS Services


Price per user per month *1

Service Description

Deskless Service



Exchange Deskless Worker


512Mb Mailbox, outlook, OWA, Mobile Active-Sync

SharePoint Deskless Worker


Read only access to SharePoint. no additional storage

BPO Deskless Worker Suit


All Deskless Services




Exchange Online Standard

£3.36 (was £6.69)

5Gb Mailbox, Outlook, OWA, Mobile Active-Sync, AV and SPAM *2

SharePoint Online Standard

3.52 (was £4.85)

250 Mb SharePoint Site per user

Office Communications Online

£1.34 (was £1.67)

Presents and Instant Messaging (no Phone Integration)

Office Live Meeting



BPOS Standard Suite

£6.71 (was £10.04)

All Standard Services




SharePoint Extra Storage


1GB Increments *3

Exchange Extra Storage


1GB Increments *3

Exchange Archive


3.6Gb, Compliance, Encrypted, Protection and Preservation

*1 Discounts available for > 250 seats

*2 Blackberry Enterprise server avalible at £6.71

*3 Only on Standard Editions

To sign up for a 30day trial click here

For more information please see: and

Prices correct as of the 13-June-2009, subject to change

UPDATED: 6-May-2009 added Extra Storage Costs

UPDATED: 13-June-2009 updated services (Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) available)

UPDATE: 24-Nov-2009 MS lower BPOS pricing

UPDATE: 17-Aug-2010 New pricing added BES price

Sharepoint 2003 deleted document recovery

Written by admin. Posted in Microsoft

Sharepoint 2003 is limited when it comes to data recovery. In MOSS 2007 you now have a recylce bin to recover deleted items so this isn’t an issue here.

If you have deleted an item in SPS 2003 and it was contained in a SQL Backup then SPExplorer is your savyor. This tool interogates the SharePoint 2003 database directly and builts the site structure, then you can extra the document to your pc then upload back into sharepoint.

Change MOSS and WSS Passwords

Written by admin. Posted in Microsoft

 @echo off
rem for more info please see

rem central admin
echo *** Updating Central Admin password
"%commonprogramfiles%Microsoft SharedWeb server extensions12BINStsadm.exe" -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin %1 -password %2

rem other app pools
echo *** Updating app pool passwords
"%commonprogramfiles%Microsoft SharedWeb server extensions12BINStsadm.exe" -o updateaccountpassword -userlogin %1 -password %2 -noadmin

rem ssp - new
echo *** Updating ssp password for new installs
"%commonprogramfiles%Microsoft SharedWeb server extensions12BINStsadm.exe" -o editssp -title "SharedServices1" -ssplogin %1 -ssppassword %2

rem ssp - upgrade
echo *** Updating ssp password for upgraded installs
"%commonprogramfiles%Microsoft SharedWeb server extensions12BINStsadm.exe" -o editssp -title "Default Web Site" -ssplogin %1 -ssppassword %2

rem osearch
echo *** Updating osearch password
"%commonprogramfiles%Microsoft SharedWeb server extensions12BINStsadm.exe" -o osearch -farmserviceaccount %1 -farmservicepassword %2
echo *** MANUAL UPDATE NEEDED. To update the password, visit the SSP Web application page, click Search Settings, and then click Default Content Access Account.

rem spsearch
echo *** Updating spsearch password
"%commonprogramfiles%Microsoft SharedWeb server extensions12BINStsadm.exe" -o spsearch -farmserviceaccount %1 -farmservicepassword %2
echo *** Updating spsearch content access account
"%commonprogramfiles%Microsoft Sharedweb server extensions12BINstsadm.exe" -o spsearch -farmcontentaccessaccount %1 -farmcontentaccesspassword %2

rem restarting IIS
echo *** Doing soft restart of IIS
iisreset /noforce
echo on