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Microsfot WPC 2010 Keynote Speech

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

See the WPC 2010 Keynote speech here:

One word to sum up Microsoft’s strategic ‘CLOUD’

Microsoft Launch Windows Azure Appliances (large containers with 100’s of servers running the Windows Azure platform.). Partners Ebay, HP, Dell and Fujitsu partner with using Windows Azure Appliance. read the Microsoft Pres release here:

Ebay using Azure Platform for the Apple iPads Product area here

Picture of a Windows Azure Container:

BPOS Migration Tools

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

Many organisations are now moving from on-premises messaging and collaboration to a hosted solution (cloud computing).

Quest Software have released the following Microsoft BPOS Migration tools to expedite this process:

  • Migrating from Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise to Exchange Online
  • Migrating from Lotus Notes, SharePoint, file shares, and Exchange public folders to SharePoint Online
  • Migrating from Lotus Sametime to Office Communications Online (coming soon)
  • Pre Migration test tools

The Microsoft BPOS solution already contains Migration tools for Microsoft Exchange, POP3 and Active Directory.

for more information on the quest software please see here:

for a 30 day trial of Microsoft BPOS please click here