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Installing Slimserver on the Linkstation

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After flashing the Drive installing the tools and MySQL your ready to install slim 6.5.1

cd /mnt/hda/opt/
addgroup slimserv
adduser slimserv -g slimserv
passwd slimserv
tar -xzvf SlimServer_v6.5.1.tar.gz
mv SlimServer_v6.5.1 /mnt/slimserver
cd /mnt/slimserver/Bin
mkdir mipsel-linux-gnu-thread-multi
cd mipsel-linux-gnu-thread-multi
ln -s /mnt/hda/opt/mysql mysqld

enter the relevent paths for your install

Install /mnt/slimserver
Extract <enter with defaults>
Tmp /mnt/slimserver
mkdir /mnt/hda/opt/slim-data
cd /mnt/hda/opt/
chown -R slimserv:slimserv slim-data
cd /mnt/
chown -R slimserv:slimserv slimserver


To make it start automatically do this
cd /etc/init.d/
create a file called slimserver containing the following:


# slimserver init.d script for Linux
# Daemon needs to be your install path

test -x ${DAEMON} || exit 0

case “$1” in
 start) echo -n “Starting Slimserver: ”
  start-stop-daemon –start –quiet –exec $DAEMON
   –chuid ${USER} — –daemon
   –prefsfile=/mnt/hda/opt/slim-data/slimserver.pref –pidfile=${PIDFILE}
   –cachedir=/mnt/hda/opt/slim-data –pidfile=${PIDFILE}
  echo “slimserver started”

 stop) echo -n “Stopping Slimserver: ”
 start-stop-daemon –stop –quiet –user ${USER} –pidfile ${PIDFILE} –retry 5
 echo “done”

  force-reload|restart) $0 stop
   $0 start

  *) echo “Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart|force-reload}”
     exit 1;


exit 0


chmod +x /etc/init.d/slimserver
cd /etc/rc.d/rc2.d
ln -s /etc/init.d/slimserver S90slimserver
Slimserver runs well at streaming but the interface can be a bit sluggish – this I need to sort out later ..

Installing MySQL On the Linkstation

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Installing MySQL 4.1.22

cd /mnt/hda/misc
tar -zxvf mysql-4.1.22.tar.gz
cd mysql-4.1.22
groupadd mysql
useradd -g mysql mysql
export CFLAGS=-O3
export CXXFLAGS=-O3
./configure –prefix=/mnt/hda/opt/mysql –with-readline –without-debug
make install

Then install the Dev tools

cd /mnt/hda/misc
rpm2cpio MySQL-devel-4.0.25-1m.mipsel.rpm | cpio -di
cp -r usr/* /usr

SQL Done

Buffalo Linkstation Flashing

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These articles are not complete but they should be able to assist with baselining the NAS with Linux:

Flash here:

Start by creating the following

mkdir /mnt/hda/misc
mkdir /mnt/hda/opt
After that you should install the development tools. cd /mnt/hda/misc
mkdir devtools
cd devtools
tar -xzvf ../mipsel-tools-2_1.tgz

Install expat
cd /mnt/hda/misc
tar -xzvf /mnt/hda/misc/expat-1.95.8.tar.gz
cd expat-1.95.8
./configure –prefix=/usr
make install

for more information please see