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Open Telnet from the command prompt
telnet <Server> 25
putty (

RCPT TO: User@Domain.Com
Subject: test message

this is a test

using AUTH LOGIN requires both the user name and password to be Base64 Encrypted suggest using

Note: telnet by default is not enabled in Vista and Windows 2008, To enable telnet you will need to Add this as a feature


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Found it out you need to do the following on windows:

From the Windows Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools
Open Component Services
Expand the Component Services folder
Expand down to Computers | My Computer | DCOM Config
Right-click on hMailServer and select properties
Select the Security tab
Under “Launch and Activation Permissions”, select Customize and click on Edit
Under “Group or user names”, click Add
For IIS6: add the built-in anonymous IIS user account

For Apache: add the Apache user account
Set the Local Launch and Local Activation permissions for this user to Allow

Then Edit PHP.ini as follows

; path to a file containing GUIDs, IIDs or filenames of files with TypeLibs
;com.typelib_file =
; allow Distributed-COM calls
com.allow_dcom = true
; autoregister constants of a components typlib on com_load()
com.autoregister_typelib = true
; register constants casesensitive
com.autoregister_casesensitive = false
; show warnings on duplicate constant registrations
com.autoregister_verbose = true