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Luke Smith

I’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies for over 20 years, my main focus now being Microsoft Online Services. I manage the Cloud Services at ElysianIT Limited and as a P-SELLER at Microsoft. I have worked with many organisations from SMC to Enterprise. I’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies since DOS 5.0, to date I have been working on Microsoft’s latest cloud technology Windows Azure, Windows 10 Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint

Exchange 2010 Beta Released

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

Microsoft has released Exchange 2010 Beta and details of the new release.

Look forward to the following new features:

·         Inbuilt Archiving

o   This can also be pushed into BPOS

·         End users Management of Mailbox over load

o   Warning users of best email practice (MailTips) to help users reduce the amount of emails

o   Ability for users to removed themselves from email threads (Ignore Conversation)

·         Improved Administration

o   50% I/O cost improvements

o   High Availability  

o   Improved Wizards and Delegation of email administration

·         Unified Communications

o   Voice Mail Text Preview in Outlook – no longer required to play your voice mail to everyone in the office

o   Call Answering Rules – creation of phone menu’s to route calls to business departments

·         Online Services

o   Ability to push mailboxes between Microsoft BPOS (Cloud) and you internal mail server.

For more information please see

Point8020 LearnPoint for Sharepoint LMS

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

LearnPoint is a Learning Management System (LMS) which integrates into Sharepoint and uses Silverlight as the interface for managing and launching courses.

LearnPoint allows organisations to quickly build and deliver training courses to their staff.

LearnPoint is also SCORM complaint which allows you to import content from other SCROM systems such as Toolbook

ICS Solutions has integrated LearnPoint into the Sharepoint Adoption Portal allowing organisations to empower there staff on the features of Sharepoint

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Sharepoint 2010 Officially announced

Written by Luke Smith. Posted in Microsoft

Microsoft has officially announced that Sharepoint 14 will be called Microsoft Sharepoint 2010. Microsoft have dropped the words Office similar to what they did when the dropped Portal when MOSS 2007 was released. for more information please see

This announcement also coincided with Exchange 2010 Beta launch